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Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center, Detroit, Michigan Complaints & Reviews – Civil rights, discrimiation, fraud

Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center

Posted: 2013-03-08 by

Mark Schwendemann

Civil rights, discrimiation, fraud

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Contact information:
Salvation Army

1627 West Fort
Detroit, Michigan
United States

Phone: 313-965-7760

Salvation Army = SLAVE NATION ARMY!
I’m going to try to open your eyes – the public’s eyes – and minds – to the biggest charity scam operation based in southeastern Michigan. I hope my revelations may encourage someone to do something to stop the plundering of the public under the guise of a Christian-based charity!
I’m speaking as a ‘beneficiary’ of the Salvation Army Southeast Michigan Adult Rehabilitation Center. What I hope to expose is based on my observations, experiences and investigations of the Salvation Army’s so-called “rehabilitation” program and the operations of “thrift” stores as an ‘insider’.
I have read numerous reports from various sources on the internet, and other sources, and I empathize with all those who have filed negative reports/complaints about the Salvation Army in various forums. But all I can report on is the S.E. MI A.R.C., and its operations. I am myself, a victim of this organization’s atrocious behaviors. I’m willing to do my best to ensure this information will also be dispersed throughout numerous public forums, including: the internet, as many governmental, civil rights and news agencies as it takes to force a full investigation of the entire Salvation Army organization and to prompt appropriate action be taken to correct the wrongs this so-called Christian, non-profit charity has perpetrated against those truly seeking help… and to the general public.
What I have learned in my time there is that the abuse of the public’s trust and the mistreatment of all who seek recovery from their addictions is exploited by the Salvation Army locally and nationally, if not globally.
The Salvation Army has two ‘rehab’ (Adult Rehabilitation Center) centers in this area – the Detroit center is all male and the Romulus center is all female. The organization also operates thirty-four retail stores and a number of warehousing centers in the area.
I am a ‘beneficiary’ at the Detroit center.
During the intake process at the center, the question is raised as to whether a potential beneficiary has a ‘Bridge’ (food stamp) debit-EBT card. If so, the card must be relinquished. If not, the intake director makes arrangements to obtain one (it is guaranteed that the food stamp debit card will be approved due to the Salvation Army’s collusion with the Family Independence Agency & Health and Human Services departments). It is explained that is how your stay at the center will be paid for, and, very well may be food stamp FRAUD. Because the cardholder no longer has any control how the debit card may be used…but has been coerced into relinquishing that control to the Salvation Army.
A beneficiary can be best described as someone who is attempting to recover from an addiction, homelessness, joblessness, alcoholism, or any other alienation from family and society. Some beneficiaries are ‘walk-in’ (those who seek recovery under their own volition), and some are court-ordered, those who are forced into the program by the Department of Corrections as an alternative to probation and/or parole prerogatives. Non-the-less, they are people who may be seeking a way to better themselves and their lives.
You are then told that the program is not a rehab program, but a work therapy program! And, it is explained, that is another part of the way that your stay at the center is paid for. The S.E. MI A.R.C. administration has the audacity to call it work therapy, but it is actually slave labor. The beneficiaries are DOING THE MOST WORK! Beneficiaries are the back bone of this organization, although much of the general public has been duped into believing they are volunteers. Any area, or department a beneficiary is assigned to is included in that department’s operating budget and a salary value is attached. The beneficiary does not get a salary, the Salvation Army gets to report a salary, and the Salvation Army gets to ‘cook the books’ on operating costs in its annual report. It is just another way the ARC can get another revenue-earning deduction which is included in operating costs.
I believe a closer look at the organization’s ‘books’ should be taken by a legitimate governmental oversight agency on a continued basis to guarantee the legitimacy of this organization’s reports. I do not believe the Salvation Army would survive such scrutiny
If a person is court-ordered to participate in the ARC program, the Salvation Army receives payment from the Department of Corrections. That way, the Salvation Army is profiting three ways on court-ordered beneficiaries! The organization obtains the Bridge-EBT card, gets free labor and receives a reimbursement from the court system/Department of Corrections. These beneficiaries may get a reduced sentence/parole/probation by completing a six month program. It may sound like a good deal, except court-ordered beneficiaries are rarely able to complete the six month program because the Salvation Army tyrants always seem to find a reason to discharge these people so the only choice they have would be to go back to jail, or start the six month program all over. The Salvation Army can string these along people for up to several years for free labor.
Beneficiaries who receive a pension, social security benefits, or any other type supplemental income must sign over 75% of said monthly payments to the Salvation Army to cover the cost of residing there. This practice costs those beneficiaries from $800 to $1200 dollars per month, and they still have to work for free.
Those who complete the program and attempt to become an employee must go through an additional three months residency, as a probationary period and pay $800 per month rent. They get paid minimum wage and find themselves in a “catch 22” situation because their pay is so low and their rent is so high, they have no way to get out of the quagmire the Salvation Army has put them in.
Should they make it past the probationary period, they become either resident-employees, or they may become a regular employee and move out to a private residence. Again, with rent so high and pay so low, it is very difficult to live outside the facility. Some of the employees from the male facility have fraternized with employees from the female facility to ‘shack up’ in order for both to saved costs on their living arrangements. Fraternization is strictly prohibited by the Salvation Army’s rules, but due to favoritism this practiced is permitted.
The different charges for, and the treatment of the different types of residents are thoroughly discriminatory. That is another violation of civil rights.
And in all cases, everyone must continue to attend “classes” and attend all chapel related events!
Residing at the Salvation Army is not free! The Salvation leads the public to believe all services are presented to those in need for free! (This organization states this on its websites)
.Most of the work is done in numerous areas by the beneficiaries with little or no recognition and no real compensation at all. And, the beneficiaries are treated as if they are sub-human at the job sites.
We (beneficiaries who are hoping for recovery from our shortcomings) expect to be treated like human beings, not used to reap a profit for a corrupt organization, not exploited, not violated, disregarded, discriminated against, harassed, flagrantly punished, denied our freedom of speech, denied our freedom of privacy, treated like criminals, regarded as having no credibility whatsoever and subjected to psychological abuse – brainwashing…or…most importantly, forced into indentured servitude! Slavery!!
It is really human trafficking practiced by an organization that claims to be opposed to it.
Human trafficking (also referred to as trafficking in persons or TIP) is an umbrella term used to describe the process by which millions of people become enslaved each year. A widely accepted definition of TIP has been created by the United Nations (UN). The UN definition is as follows:
“(a) ‘Trafficking in persons’ shall mean the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation. Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation or the prostitution of others or other forms of exploitation, forced labor of services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs;
(b) The consent of a victim of trafficking in persons to the intended exploitation set forth in sub-paragraph (a) of this article shall be irrelevant where any of the means set forth in sub-paragraph (a) have been used;
(c) The recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of a person for the purpose of exploitation shall be considered ‘trafficking in persons’ even if this does not involve any of the means set forth in sub-paragraph (a) of this article;
(d) ‘Child’ shall mean any person less than eighteen years of age”
The UN definition of trafficking in persons can be divided into three parts: acts, the means used to commit those acts, and goals for which those acts are committed. At least one element from each of the three parts of the trafficking definition is required to create a TIP case.
Each year millions of human beings are subjected to the trafficking process and find themselves exploited in settings such as brick kilns, sweatshops, chicken farms, cocoa plantations, mines, fisheries, rock quarries, or for compulsory participation in public works or military service, Salvation Army operations, as well as a variety of other settings. Countless others, predominately women and female children, but also boys, are trafficked into the commercial sex industry where they are used in forms of commercial sexual exploitation like prostitution, pornography, and nude dancing. Some are sold as “brides.”
Slavery is Trafficking in persons is frequently referred to as modern-day slavery. an apt analogy that shocks and challenges us. Americans in particular are moved by this comparison. To us, slavery is a sordid, indelible stain on our national heritage, but nevertheless it is an evil most believe we conquered and relegated to the history books. However, news media accounts, on-the-ground intelligence from nongovernmental organizations, and reports from agencies such as the U.S. Department of State and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime create a different picture. They reveal the inescapable truth that trafficking is one of the principle means by which slavery survives.
The definition of trafficking in persons is met by the Salvation Army’s actions: a) forcing beneficiaries to work in Salvation Army facilities as part of “work therapy”, b) threatening beneficiaries with punishment up to discharge from the A.R.C. if they do not comply, c) the goal being to maintain the process that produces profit for the Salvation Army. In other words, beneficiaries are kept in a state of indentured servitude.
(The above-mentioned statements are similar to those on the Salvation Army’s own website in the section on their ‘fight’ against human trafficking!)
The beneficiaries and resident employees are the prostitutes of the Salvation Army, to be pimped out to the organization’s various profit making concerns for the sole purpose of generating revenue for the Salvation Army, the most profitable, non-profit organization in the world!
The whole operation here stinks of a religion-based cult! It violates every constitutional, labor, safety and environmental law there is! (I will address these separate areas throughout this report.)
The only god worshiped by the Salvation Army is money. The program is run by relentless mini-dictators who have taken their positions to the extreme and will yield to no one and believe they do not have to answer to anyone. Their illegal practices should not be ignored any longer.
They are a disgrace to the idea of A Salvation Army and religious beliefs of all faiths.
The Salvation Army may appear to provide excellent and reliable service in helping domestically, and in foreign countries, but only when a photo opportunity presents itself, when television news and newspaper cameras are present, or when the organization stages a self-promoting event.
The program here is a total fraud and an outright failure when it comes to helping people with homelessness and addiction issues. It is what it is, “A FRONT” for a money-making machine exploiting human suffering. The only homeless, helpless, addicted, alcoholic persons it “HELPS” are the ones who it is able to SNAG into the so-called rehab programs.
This organization does not help the general public, or anyone ‘on the street’, it only tries to snare people into a program that is designed to only generate profit! This organization provides no real services for the public, no safe houses for battered women, no temporary shelters for ‘street people’, no alternatives for children who may find themselves separated from their parents, (and, as far as I have seen) no food service trucks for people on the streets. The only ‘food trucks’ I have seen are the ones that service the Salvation Army’s catering concerns. This organization does not actively seek out and help anyone who will not result in a profit. The beneficiaries are provided only donated food (a lot of it well past expiration dates), while the catering services provide first-rate, purchased food specifically for the catering services.
Their oppressive approach has created a hostile, stressful, mentally unhealthy environment for the beneficiaries and employees alike. For example: Employees and beneficiaries (after 13 weeks in the program) are mandated to attend AA/NA meetings, which may be unconstitutional and illegal due the religious nature of those meetings.
Also, it is mandatory that everyone must attend chapel services every Sunday…men and women alike…in the church/chapel at the Detroit-Fort street facility (unless they are in work therapy). Also, on Wednesday evenings, beneficiaries must attend a chapel/bible study service. We are being forced, against our will, to attend church services that most would not attend otherwise. That is a clear violation of our Constitutional rights!
You do not need a church to worship your higher power. I worship my higher power every day. I believe…as I look around at this wonderful universe I am part of, and think that this all did not get here by chance. But why is the Salvation Army permitted to tell me who my GOD should be?
Beneficiaries are required to attend various ‘classes’ throughout the week such as: Living Sober, Relapse Prevention, Anger Management, Domestic Violence, Bible Studies and various others. These ‘classes’ are thinly-veiled brainwashing sessions. They are run by facilitators, not teachers, because they are not certified as teachers in the state of Michigan. Somehow, regardless of the supposed focus of the class, the facilitators relentlessly direct all thought back to the Salvation Army’s religious point of view.
A number of the facilitators also double as ‘counselors’. Beneficiaries are required to schedule counseling sessions around their work and class times. The focus of the counseling sessions is also mainly religious in nature. Beneficiaries are required to complete ‘journals’ – religious in nature – to be permitted completion of the program.
The inmates run the asylum in Detroit. Everyone in control of anything is someone who has been through the program (sometimes several times), a recovering drug addict, a recovering alcoholic, a convicted felon, a child molester, or some other type of reprobate…and it appears they make the rules as they go along. Many are the biggest thieves and liars in the place! They run the place like a prison slave labor camp. They confiscate beneficiaries’ items, at will, and keep the items for their own use. They allow thefts from the warehouses, only to do “dorm raids” so they may confiscate the goods for their own use! They are also the first to steal as soon as worthwhile shipments come to the Detroit, Pontiac and Romulus warehouses. (Just look at their shoes, clothes they wear, electronic devices they have and various & sundry items…everything has been ‘appropriated’!) Yet, they act as if they are above the laws of society, because they are running their own kind of society! They believe they don’t have to live by the laws the rest of society must. I will be naming names throughout this report.
At the thrift stores the managers, assistant managers and paid employees are the ones who have ‘first pick’ of any valuable merchandise that is received from donors, and they take unabashed advantage of their positions. Each store has its own ‘production line’ to receive merchandise at the donation area, a number of sorters, people who price and tag goods and the people who place the goods in the store showroom. When clothing is sorted and placed in the showroom, it is never washed. So, when you buy articles of clothing at a Salvation Army thrift store you are getting clothing that some paid employee has determined to be clean enough to sell. In some cases, this practice could be a health issue.
The pricing in the stores is based on the Salvation Army’s value chart and the prices still end up being near prices you would find at any other retail stores such as: Wal-Mart, Target, Macy’s and many others that sell brand new items.
The working conditions in the back of the stores are run like sweat shops. The production quotas are set at unbelievable demands. If the quotas are met…they are raised. Many times beneficiaries are working on the lines and are threatened with possible discharge if they do not perform up to expectations, or to the demands of the paid (civilian) management types. The people who are under pressure (paid management employees) from their higher ups, for quota numbers, pass their frustration on to the people working the line. And, again, the beneficiaries are the ones who bear the brunt of any retribution. They always face being penalized, up to discharge, because of some employee’s blunder. How in the world does it benefit a beneficiary, who may be truly trying to put their life back together, to continually face the possibility of being put back on the streets…and in most cases, actually being put back on the streets, because of some marginally employable person’s mistakes or incompetency?
And, this is a Christian organization? This is clearly a money making organization. Production numbers, and profits to be made, are clearly put before any beneficiary’s recovery. Money before helping your fellow man is the message here. And by claiming to be a ‘charity’ all its financials should be public record.
Many of the stores are also mini-warehouse facilities…which provides the Salvation Army with even more cubic feet of storage for merchandise that is donated TAX FREE from the unsuspecting public, sorted out, picked through and then sold back to the public (if it is not stolen first, or sent to the trash compactor!).
The three main warehouse facilities (and many other ‘hidden’ warehouse facilities in this area) affords the Salvation Army approximately over 500 thousand square feet of storage for merchandise donated by the unsuspecting public. In the more than 500 thousand square feet of warehouse storage, it must be kept in mind that the storage bins used (4’x4’x4’sized-and sometimes larger-cardboard boxes commonly called ‘gaylords’) are stacked, most times, three units high (up to approximately 16’), affords the Salvation Army the storage of more than a billion dollars of free surplus merchandise in 8 MILLION CUBIC FEET OF SPACE! This is not a poor, or suffering charity operation! They put more, perfectly good, merchandise into their compacters, as trash, than they ever present to the public for sale. Apparently this organization gets paid more for landfill trash than it would make by selling to the public living on limited means. This is for the southeastern Michigan operations alone!
An enormous amount of donated merchandise never reaches the stores, but is sent as trash to the compactors at several of the warehouse facilities and stores.
(Additional notes and points that will be explained)
Resident employee rent increase and policies – deceptive practices toward the public and beneficiaries -The PROGRAMMING brainwashing that stinks of a CULT – violations of Labor laws, Safety laws and Environmental laws; not to mention the unconstitutionality of many of their practices – working conditions – theft – fraud – complaints by workers – rampant racism -sexual harassment – misuse of funds -employee treatment – duping the public – complaints from around the world – falsifying reports – presenting a false public image -possible cases of embezzlement – the perks and treatment of Officers coercion – intent for the institution of a class action lawsuit – the intention to contact appropriate government agencies – asking for the involvement of the ACLU and other civil rights activists – a breakdown of profits – and the homophobic stance this organization has and the actions taking in regards to lobbying against GLBT groups and related efforts to circumvent the rights of people…even though in the Detroit area operations there are a number of gays in leadership or administrative positions
Do not donate to these scam artists!


United States

Non-profit Organizations

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2nd of May, 2013 by Ruud donker

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FW: Salvation Army and RIBW Zwolle cheaters in counseling
Posted on February 9, 2013 by anaconda15 Issues homeless shelter for WMO reporting Zwolle1FW: Salvation Army impostors

Nel Bannink House soup bus and killed
Posted on19 June 2012Laatste update19 June 11:20 Foto’s1Een soup bus. Archive Photo: ANP
ZWOLLE – The municipality of Zwolle finally puts a line through the subsidy to the Nel Bannink House and soup bus. The night shelter for homeless thereby takes from 1 August out of people on. The doors close on January 1.

The SP and Green were both a motion to make sure that it is well with the care of homeless as the subsidy tap is closed. In both cases alderman Nelleke Vedelaar convinced of the measures the Salvation Army and the church take to prevent people in Zwolle have to sleep on the streets. The rest of the council sufficient

“When problems occur, we will do whatever it takes to solve them, ” said Vedelaar. “But we will take measures based on numbers and not in advance to increase. The number of sleeping places” That’s what the SP consisted with its motion. The Socialists called for immediately realize if it turns out that people have to sleep on the streets. Extra paste the College SP for woman Tjitske Siderius: “This condition must be preserved.”

Additional shelters Zwolle by rush
Posted on: December 19 2012Laatste updated: December 19, 16:07 Foto’s1ReactiesToon reactiesDe entrance Nel Bannink House. photo Tom van Dijke
ZWOLLE – Recourse to the night shelter in Zwolle is so great that the church in consultation with the Salvation Army has decided to open the Nel Bannink House again. There now every night up to twenty people can be. There will also be at The Inn fifteen extra night shelter places.

The contradictions in this story, Nel bannink house is practically understaffed.

According to Alderman Nelleke Vedelaar there are several causes for the increased demand for a place in the night shelter. So there are currently relatively large asylum seekers in reception, but also the number of people that due to financial problems or relationship is homeless. Moreover, there are homeless people from outside the region to Zwolle. The time of year plays a role: in the winter is always greater use of care. The reopening of the Nel Bannink House and additional places in the Inn are emergency measures, which apply until early April. In the coming months, the municipality come up with proposals for structural solutions. “But before that, we must first know what is going on. His other municipalities stricter and thus people come here? The problem is in the housing market and we need to create additional living space, for example vacant offices to build up low-cost housing? With these issues in the next time we go to work, “said Vedelaar.

The municipality of Zwolle, the shelter / rescue for homeless people to the wrong organizations contracted 26 years as Salvation Army and RIBW Zwolle, illegal collecting WRZV halls plus Tactus with provision of grants without supervision or community funds (millions) are spent properly and that there to grant conditions were met.
Now the municipality of Zwolle back into the error with the procurement of care / day care to multiple providers that are not there with expert knowledge and eeerbiedigen the rights of homeless people who are now being violated by Salvation Army and RIBW Fight the inn .

Day care for homeless on the shovel
Posted on: January 18 2013Laatste update: January 18, 20:54 Foto’s1Foto: ANP
Zwolle – Zwolle City’s day care for homeless social procurement. Current daily activities with Bonjour therefore expires. New day care preferably by multiple providers, says church.

The daily activities of homeless in Zwolle should be more than just drinking coffee and smoking shaggies. That is the town of Zwolle that the daily activities of this group therefore is tender. Socially The municipality is looking for institutions, companies and organizations that homeless people have in society with better next week and organizes a meeting for interested parties.

Alderman Nelleke Vedelaar wants homeless during daily activities much more involved in activities than is currently the case. “If only they smear their own sandwich. Go to day care to drink coffee all day and smoke shaggies is certainly not the right method. ”

The current daycare with Bonjour, part of the Salvation Army, according to the alderman insufficiently focused on participation. “The idea is that the parties enter into the city together to innovate.” The municipality is therefore looking for multiple providers that provide a combined offer. Any Contracting Party to them than his own qualities bets. The Pact of providers that the church ultimately choose, you grant to undertake. Daytime activities itself It is not excluded that the Salvation Army in the new situation is part of the daycare.

That there are just two tons is cut back on day care for homeless does not matter. According to the alderman “There is still plenty left to achieve a good approach, ” she says.

The meeting is Wednesday, January 23 from 15:30 to 17:30 at the Town Hall. May specify by Inge Green, 038-4982972.

Spike in complaints homeless shelter
Posted on: August 4 2012Laatste update: August 4, 06:55
ZWOLLE – The number of complaints about homeless shelter in Zwolle has exploded over the past six years.

This is evident from quarterly Zorgbelang Overijssel, which is the contact point for the Social Support Act. In the first three months of this year there were 21 reports in the Reporting of clients of healthcare institutions within about Tavern, Bonjour daycare and Nel Bannink House, in the second quarter there were even 26. By comparison, in the last quarter of 2011, no complaints about homeless registered. The nature of the complaints about the collection is diverse. So there are complaints about the smoking behavior and drug use in the dormitories, others complain about the safety and lack of rest or not check properly for clients in drug or weapons possession. In some cases, staff did not accompany faulted or defective. Zorgbelang gives no cause for sudden symptoms peak.
Community service after conflicts Inn
Posted On 14 October 2011Laatste update14 october, 16:07
ZWOLLE – That the 36-year-old J. U. from Zwolle not the most agile in his wheelchair, makes little difference to him.

He got it three times to stick with quite different place enjoyed. During the fights he destroyed include a window and he hit an employee of the Inn homeless shelter. It’s pitiful that someone does return for such a blow, “said U. to the police.

The man lives at The Inn at Zwolle. In February, he had a big argument with an employee. ‘He often goes away angrily in his wheelchair, “said the employee at his police interrogation. This time U. very angry, because his stoma would be broken., , That was an excuse, but he found it annoying that we have not entered. “U. therefore threw three times with a stone against the window, making it broke. The suspect was not sitting there, but he said not regret having.

A month earlier it was even wrong. Again, there was an argument between the suspect and an employee of The Inn. U. threw a broom away and when the employee wanted to address this, he was by U. beaten. Initially denied the Zwolle, but when he knew there were camera images, he nevertheless admitted.

As if this was not enough, came U. in March in conflict with a fellow townsman. An employee of a snack bar found that the suspect his electric wheelchair there no longer allowed to charge., , When I said came U. to me. “However, camera images showed that the principal was the one arguing searched., The suspect wanted even get away. Only when it was threatening, he lashed out, “said the prosecutor.

She therefore asked for this fact acquittal. For the other two facts she asked sixty hours of community service and 260 euro fine. The magistrate found that the latter fact U. could be. faulted In the rest of her claim she was just a little milder. She explained the man of forty hours of community service and a fine of 260 euros, but did recognize that the Zwollenaar itself seeks out problems., The suspect is not really a hottie. ”

Addressed to MPs and the media etc.,

This is the mail from the hr. R. Robers which I you messages first, that he has suffered a stroke and where a homeless client called the ambulance and Hr. R. Robers is transported to the Isala Clinic and from which he has come back in the night shelter Nel Bannink House and daycare Bonjour where he already 5 weeks staying without follow-place for rehabilitation in a hopeless position and where both the Salvation Army and Creating Balance where he made contact with has made no effort to Hr. R. Get into care hotel Parc Spelderholt which I did and where I can report the Hr. Robers placed R. Robers the information and referrals for assessment by giving care and stay but I’m not playing. Itself to rescuer
The Hr. R. Robers is a risk factor now and can stress and tensions in care institutions Salvation Army so another stroke up ie stroke but that seems of salvation and their criminal employees not to bother as the revenue for the organization but are secured. Army
After your research on the addiction setting Horeb you also know how things stand at the Salvation Army and therefore works closely with Tactus, the Inn / RIBW Fight to the Nijverheidstraat, Dimence mental health institution and Creating Balance that claims to the request for help from the client to listen but this is also a sham.
And everything takes place under the orchestration of the CDA alderman care and welfare and WMO including shelter for the homeless is the Hr. E. Dannenberg also connecting member of the Advisory Board of the EMEA regional Achmea care agency that distributes funds allowed the EMEA institutions without material controls and / or the care of the problem for the client.

Salvation Army and their employees, does it?
My opinion is not to be honest!

After a year in the day and night shelter of the army I can in my opinion be honest about this.
The army uses SPW ers that totally trained for their task
Moreover, they are selected on their belief that they are very easy to influence.
Also runs an outpatient group facilitators around for the last indication CIZ the clients should arrange
Furthermore, you have nothing to these guys!
The SPW ers do not know where to begiinnen that you can see them when they come face to look like a herd of cattle. Employ just
Medical they are totally grounded and in case of emergencies not zijnn able to intervene, even to act
I can somehow understand because they are opposed on all sides by the leadership to take any initiative (it should not cost anything)
Even an afternoon game KUNEN not organize and prefer to let the clients hang between two chairs or sleeping with their heads on the table.
How can this you might be wondering which is the tactic of the army, so they make you murm (what good is active clients?)
With problems you can go to that SPW Investors also not right they are totally irrelevant able even with paper cases.
what do they do you ask?
Well they serve coffee in andd they do not serve the food more (Doenn waste of money actually right?
Oh ikzieze often football that I had forgotten.
When they care work at night have also not the most necessary papers before, and gelooof me there is quite a bit of play off! Maarja I already said it cost too much magniet huh.
Watch this really is now the army, make sure you have everything on paper for each other and continue to work as efficiently as possible.


homeless shelter


The Salvation Army offers on health and social care market as but appears to be many promises but nothing that makes a profit. Plant more
I stayed in the shelters Nel Bannink House from September 2008 until December 2010 and I have absolutely no care and support experienced, or filthy dorms without privacy and bad food etc.
These complaints are passed to municipal and IGZ and Nza but get no supervision exercised from the day and night shelter and where IGZ claims that everything is in order, but in fact research’m not committed.
There are no client councils and committees present complaints that function.
In 2010 there will be an elderly client in the Salvation Army shelter that bowel cancer and patient but it has survived.
He expected to be helped on the way of salvation to his request for help from the army, but that turns out not to be so but he is not the only one.
In June 2010 he has disagreements with the supervisors about their attitude and gets so angry that he stroke to walk in day care Bonjour but where the staff / workers are watching call another homeless client quickly the ambulance that the person to brings Isala Clinic.
After 3 months the return stroke patient back into the shelter where the constant restless staying and he must wait 30 weeks for a follow spot where the Salvation Army does not want rehabilitation place controls prints. Him in their own route
But the leaders of the Army are absolutely no professional counselors are presumed because everyone there.
Another homeless regulates information etc. so that the stroke patient self-help on the way and now resides in a housing form in Hardenberg.
IKG Zorgbelang Overijssel them informed also several complaints about the shelter for the homeless because IGZ fails and steed is not under investigation.
This letter writer light years politics in The Hague on the reception without care and assistance tailored apply where the beneficiaries are only going to the EMEA and subsidies
Now there’s been a night shelter closed by the municipality of Zwolle because bezuingingen but there is no proper reception present in Zwolle with 300 homeless where fire safety and healthcare quality law do not get respected.
I avoid the reception but am also opposed by the gemenete Zwolle because I bring out the abuses, so is my benefit WWB also put stop.
I’m 57 years old and since 2000 roof and homeless by eenarbeidsconflict and the actions by an employer in Almere in this situaite beland.Ik’m not drink and drugs addicted and not suffer from psychiatric problems
but my findings with the reception and IGZ forwarded to the National Ombudsman because there is too much fraud become committed with EMEA apply within the reception through unlawful indications.
also contacted Mrs. E. J. Mars VWS i.v.m. management of research funds private clients

2nd of May, 2013 by anaconda15

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Anaconda15’s Blog Fraud Office in Netherlands and disadvantage of citizens Skip to inhoudHomeBad examples of norms and values ​​into the Dutch society and beyond fraud cases in the Netherlands and the explanation ← The future care boulevard in Zwolle, a bankrupt concern supermarket for “special groups” own the town ZwolleFW: The backward studies of homeless and debt problems → The illusion of the Netherlands law, a consumer slave camp in 2010, who is a well-stocked bank account that enjoys social and human rights and who is poor am oppressed by the majority and robbed of his or her freedoms.
Posted on June 10, 2011 by anaconda15 Dark Days EMEA fraud Care & Seepage His Kingdom Mafia and festering meddling
displaying fraud in the Welfare and health related the care of homeless people in Netherlands

The Salvation Army has received from the then government to set up, namely Welfare and Healthcare, Services and Fundraising and “denomination” itself but rather a cult movement with various rituals. Lubbers II 4 foundations as “denomination” in 1987 commissioned
Welfare and Health was commissioned to the thousands of homeless people both families with children and singles to go “hostage” in care institutions where these homeless people were victims of deliberate missing housing policy of cabinets Lubbers.
A research report by the Scientific Council of the Dutch Government in 2006 shows that the privatized housing corporations have neglected their social duties and engaged in profit maximization through commercial activities and in addition they interfere with care and welfare which is not in the Housing Act stated on the free market, anyone without training and qualifications “s on this market are traveling.
See also research the Boer and Croon from 2004 entitled “Use of EMEA resources” and its annexes.
During the periods from 1988 the government grant awards walked to the Salvation Army and at CDA governments, the annual state contributions doubled to 90% of the budget of the Salvation Army.
So far 260 million per year and where Fundraising of the army but separately 25 million to contribute.
But no one knows where yet where the EMEA shall remain subject to spent as a wealthy accountant does not check the financial reports of the four foundations of the Salvation Army
The housing corporations with their market dominance and was and is
so that were involved in rent arrears of three months incoassobureau “s and if that did not work then the hallway to the magistrate gemaakt.Blijft the tenant still behind with payments than were residents with children or not as the street and could opgedonderd they also do figure it out yourself, there was and is no social safety net provided and homeless citizens towards the Salvation Army sent by now that a state within a state has become with privileges granted and where it has come to be without accountable above the law to explain.
A cold and inhumane policy because the street means no shelter, no proper food or sanitation facilities and no medical facilities or social life harsh and life-threatening conditions.
Within the care institutions for homeless people, the homeless clients financially stripped and robbed of their salary or benefits to this day and which no Christian inspiration is present within the evangelical foundations, it runs just about money and more money without compensating supply or to the client. their self-esteem
To stay in the shelter setting with a simple bed, bath and bread policy without care and assistance tailored to a high own monthly contribution to pay the 550 euros and where a tenner pocket money per week get paid and the client still has to pay the health insurance premium itself .
These contributions also apply to dark woonbegeleidngstrajectten and where the homeless client required a visit to visit the psychiatrist to obtain the supervisor who made telling the client mentally ill as an indication because the more the more psychological problematics EMEA shall be charged by the word care office.
But the homeless client suffer in most cases totally from mental disorders but has more egocentric and unruly behavior by the justified hatred of the so-called emergency services who do not just care and where the care agency verifies the proper care for the homeless client.
In 1986 the fraud with the construction grants came to light which the State housing Hr. Gerrit Brokx had to resign because there was exerted on the use of construction subsidies towards Civil Pension Fund no supervision were that invested in social housing.
His successor State Heerema then decided to start with the grossing-up operation and left the rural housing corporations privatize making the corporations got too much administrative power and influence on the housing and housing within the communities and where they no longer carry out their core functions such as Half-build sale homes and the other half social housing creations that were funded from the sale of homes and they began to also focus on commercial activities that went beyond their targets and interfere with care and welfare issues but that does not fit in their field and is prohibited under the Housing and that now comes to light after 16 years.
There must be more, says that this policy is deliberately CDA because Rabobank’s largest mortgage lender in the Netherlands and in the top of the Rabobank are all CDA members who are affiliated with the parliamentary group CDA and CDA ministers.
In other words, who the housing market in its grip and now the healthcare sector which has a political-economic power means and can through blackmail and grants awarded force a whole society into a straitjacket of “Christian apparent values” and rules and regulations through civil Balkenende society where so much has to be VOC mentality.
Who would even argue that there are no cabinets psychopaths in power are!
On the other side, the Labour Party also engaged in such practices at local and national level as here in Zwolle such is the case with so-called social engagement for homeless and where as an Inn sign is used for their shady practices.
But they are with the CDA engaged in a giant desa league battle on the backs of the disadvantaged and where taxpayers can pay for the costs and where the Dutch society into the abyss is helped by financial and economic area.
Because they must already through to high costs for shelter, energy and care and where the culture of greed entrepreneurs and managers will simply continue.

Note: So the Salvation Army is not a denomination but an evangelical sect movement that is hired by the CDA as a mercenary army to hold off homeless citizens of their social rights and to evangelize to as the ontkerkeling counter and income to secure a Christian wasteful government and keep the false Kingdom of the Netherlands to create and maintain so that they remain mindless comsuptie and work slaves citizens of the true spirit of freedom away

For the immediate future that is not there if we continue with the exhaustion of our planet.

2nd of May, 2013 by anaconda15

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The practices of the Salvation Army
How censorship, fraud, grant, together.
Introduction / Objectives
The Salvation Army is a foundation with the primary purpose of disseminating its vision of Christianity. The organization is 80% financially dependent on subsidies, in 2006 an amount of 178.9 million. This website was established on December 28, 2007, the goal is to expose certain things about the Salvation Army. As long as the military continues to exclude a part of society for society with money created jobs, this website will continue to provide a critical eye. This with the aim of bringing about positive changes in the fair and Salvation Army itself, or the way in which society money is handled.

For the official website of the Salvation Army, please visit http://www.legerdesheils.nl

In the news
20-02-2008 Salvation Army did not abuse (Yahoo! News)
06-01-2008 House to be refurbished (broadcasting Flevoland) quickly
05-01-2008 Greated Independent does not work properly (broadcasting Flevoland)
24-01-2008 B and W Monday interview with Army (deStentor)
24-01-2008 Army knew of measurement (deStentor)
16-01-2008 Anger to plan Corps building (Ede City)
07-01-2008 Problems Salvation Army Zupthen never-ending story (deStentor)
30/11/2007 Pension Residents Army suddenly ‘problem cases’ (Haarlem Dagblad)

Saturday, February 9th 2008
Salvation Army: Mismanagement Lelystad

A property of the Salvation Army in Lelystad has serious flaws. The house is part of a project to help young people with serious behavioral problems to live independently. The house of which some made by broadcasting Flevoland images can be found the army grant from the city of Lelystad and EMEA shall receive.

The alderman Arie Slob of the city of Lelystad gives in broadcasting broadcasting Flevoland years to have had good experiences with Salvation Army. He gives the military a warning and explains the problem to poor management.

According Remy resident Martha Army promise to the property. Before the end of last year in order The army is the house a thorough makeover yet soon.

The property:

Property must be restored quickly
Self-way ticket is not working properly
Posted by Sin at 21:11 No comments: Friday, January 4, 2008
Political game Christian Union and SGP

In October 2007 signed Christian Union and SGP protest against awarding grants to organizations with the aim of distributing a specific faith.

Second Member of Parliament Ed Anchor Christian Union said: “I think it undesirable that the government is promoting a particular religious interpretation”. The SGP parliamentarian Kees van der Staaij said: “You come into a minefield of what flow is and is not desirable.” And also: “We have no government temples sticking approval on certain movements”.

It is expected that both the Christian Union and SGP are currently engaged in preparing a political offensive to the Salvation Army a halt. Increasing the annual grant Rumors about an internal conflict within the CU between Ed Anker and party leader Rouvoet. The latter used early 2007 his position as minister of youth and family to grant to Youth for Christ. Three hundred thousand euro

The above text is based on truth, the statements were made with respect to grant to an Islamic website. MPs Although of course not rule out this fall, is the part of an internal conflict between Ed and Anchor Rouvoet up.

What is true?
The primary objective of the Salvation Army is spreading its vision of Christianity. The objective of the Salvation Army, as described in its 2006 annual report: “Objective: The Salvation Army in the Netherlands aims to in any suitable place, time and manner to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed . During the meeting with fellow attention is also given to his social needs and requirements. Salvation Army will try to provide it, either from within the organization or by others. ”
The statements of Ed Anker and Kees van der Staaij therefore seem fully applicable to the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army goes further, by shutting down the majority of society while at the society with money created jobs going. In a note identity enables the army: “For all employees, regardless of their position, both for those who are in employment and for volunteers, is that they must comply with the requirement of appointing a Christian belief.”

Of course we can not expect these Christian political parties that they suddenly decide to represent the interests of other groups in society. Unfortunately, also consistency too much to ask for the Christian Union and SGP.
Posted by Sin at 02:56 Saturday, December 29, 2007
Salvation Army: Grant

The Salvation Army provides social assistance to those in society fall by the wayside. Beautiful, most Dutch think. Less well known is that the military for over 80% of its revenue is dependent on subsidies. The primary objective of the military is the spread of Christianity, it is desirable that the government indirectly contributes to the spread of a particular religion? Do we want society with money created work is only accessible to people with a particular religion?

There are more groups which, like the army a particular religion or ideology to spread. Also in spreading a message of love, with as part an endless punishment for anyone who does not need, is not just the army. Where the army or only able, the 178.9 million to society money, which they received from the government last year.

In the teachings that all Salvationists in the army writing, faith contained in an “endless punishment of the wicked.” Without this Salvationists same to wish, I wonder whether it is money society, where these infidels to work hard for, to be paid to an organization that wants to spread such ideas honest.

Another problem with the Salvation Army is that it is only for Christians to leave with samenlevinsgeld created jobs. Was the Salvation Army was not a church, it would be discriminatory and prohibited by Dutch law. The government should not work, either directly or indirectly. Them here

The amount of subsidy that the army received has doubled since 2001. Bearing in mind the aforementioned arguments, I believe that the government should run instead of tens of millions add. Flow of money gradually close

[1] Overview subsidies cbf.nl
[2] Doctrines Salvation Army
[3] Salvation Army 2006 Annual Report

Posted by Sin at 20:29 Salvation Army: Fraud

The Salvation Army has been accused several times of fraud. Although the army denies the allegations, it is a significant group plaintive. Given the position in which a large proportion of these people wrong, possibly the tip of the iceberg.

On November 30, 2007 a notice appeared in the Haarlem newspaper. I quote: “The Salvation Army has residents of his social pension The Cornerstone to Zijlsingel to indicate without the express consent of a number of people involved early this year in the EMEA Clients were from one day to another no guest residents more, but patients. with mental illness and addiction that would have. “need specialist help This would, the representative of clients concerned are made to “the financial need of the military to solve”.

“At one time all residents received a ingevulgd form of the Army. We did the only sign. It was a request for care. I refused my signature. I need. “No care as told Rebecca Roodselaar, former occupant of a house of the Salvation Army in the Haarlem Dagblad. “Landlord Salvation Army wanted to apply for an appeal to the EMEA to pay therefrom. All assistance But I do not ask for help. In addition, I want to be not just indicated as zorgebehoevende, zondat that asked me something. “” Still, Rebecca’s request, without her signature, sent to the care office CIZ. Now she had her rent transfer “of authority so that the Haarlem Dagblad.

After earlier allegations of fraud to the address of the Salvation Army showed an independent study to negate.’s Unjustified accusations The inquiry came in a compound in eight weeks report concludes that there is no evidence for intentionally harming clients or abuse of public services by the Salvation Army in Zwolle, and calls the complaints for that reason unfounded. How has the inquiry may come without viewing or check, even accounting for the Salvation Army to this conclusion remains the question. A member of the national association for home care, which has done its own research among clients of the Salvation Army, the report comes to the following startling statement: “If the leadership of the Salvation Army notes that a client folds out of the school, it will be put on the street. “. The study is full of opinions, which obviously difficult any conclusion can be based. Except that the Salvation Army knew that the charges were unjustified, there are still many questions about.

Haarlem newspaper: Pension Residents Army suddenly ‘problem cases’
Haarlem newspaper: Mitch is looking for a safe haven
SP Zwolle: Report Goossens speaks fraud by Salvation Army
Eénvandaag: Financial uncertainty Salvation Army
Report Mustard: Reception to valued
Report on CWZW not complete

Posted by Sin at 16:37 Paul de Leeuw and the Salvation Army

Paul de Leeuw, everyone knows him, he’s television presenter, comedian, comedian, and homosexual. In December 2007, the Salvation Army to guest in his television several times: “Beautiful! Weather The Lion “.

What could be the forum of the Salvation Army not discussed:

A few days ago there was a topic of salvation by a visitor of the forum of the army with the question or the Salvation Army in its place was in his “not uncontroversial show”. And whether others were of the opinion that the mission of the Salvation Army Salvation Army good uitdraagden during the broadcast.

I myself taking some biblical texts cited to substantiate. My opinion on the subject In the first tenet of the Salvation Army is to read:

“We believe that the Holy Scriptures, the books of the Old and New Testaments were given by inspiration of God, and that they only constitute the Divine rule of Christian faith and life.”
As mentioned Paul de Leeuw is a practicing homosexual, in my opinion fine, in the Bible, however, we read the following about it:

Leviticus 18, 22-25:

“You shall not lie with a male as with a woman, that’s horrible.”
Leviticus 20 13:

“He who shares the bed with a man as with a woman, commits an atrocity. Both should be put to death and their dead themselves to blame. ”
Romans 1 26-27:

“The women exchanged natural relations for unnatural, and the men have abandoned natural relations with women and in igniting passion for each other. Men committed indecent acts with men, so they are punished they have strayed “from God.
According to the teachings of the Salvation Army, all Salvationists must sign above is part of divine rule of Christian faith and life. Homosexuality is horrible and unnatural, and homosexuality is punishable by death. In my response to the forum of the army I have therefore indicated that it is indeed not her place is in the “controversial” show.

Given the ideas of the army would have been to Paul de Leeuw are not to be in his broadcast the army.

The Salvation Army has decided to remove it. Issue without any notice of her forum

Posted by Sin at 16:23 Friday, December 28, 2007
Salvation Army: Censorship

How the Salvation Army, after removal without any reason or explanation of complete discussions and forum accounts. In a final attempt at censorship, decided to remove hair. Entire discussion

An e-mail sent to forumbeheer@legerdesheils.nl and postmaster@legerdesheils.nl:

Geachtte Sir or Madam,

In light of the events on the official forum of the Salvation Army I have the following questions:

1) Hecht Salvation Army any importance to freedom of expression?
2) For what reason are you proceeded to remove the discussion topic on the participation of the Salvation Army in the television program of Paul de Leeuw?
3) What was the reason for repeatedly removing my forum account and putting an IP ban on my internet connection?
4) Why are questions from other forum members about the way things are removed in the forum?
5) What was the reason for Dec 28, 2007 to proceed to the conclusion of the discussion?

Thank you for your response.


So far only response has been received to my e-mail.

The language that the Salvation Army speaks:

The following messages are posted on the public forum of the Salvation Army. With the exception of myself (Sin), the authors have no relation to this website. On request some posts made anonymous.

Message from Blacky:

Gerben, Where is the discussion about Paul de Leeuw? Go? Regards, Tom
Message from Nadenker:

It is certainly a sensitive topic Paul de Leeuw. Characteristic for the army to remove such a thing. Within the military is certainly not an honest opinion on the subject. Again, why removed?? hw
Message of Sin:

Hi Tom,
This morning I posted the same question. Gerben has decided to remove that message and responding my account and connection banned from this forum.

“You are banned from this forum. Please contact the webmaster or board administrator for more information.”

Here is the message this morning, luckily I had saved for security:

“Dear Gerben,
Unfortunately, I see that the subject is on the participation of the Salvation Army gone to a television program by Paul de Leeuw. To my knowledge there are no breaking forum rules, at least not knowingly, or with that intention. In the subject a substantive discussion took place.
At most, could be placed by me scriptures as offensive classified, however, that seems to me no reason to remove it. Entire subject If you’re as supervisory moderator disagree with something posted. You may find that then indicate in a message? Remove with a push of a button. This instead of the whole discussion
A well-founded response letter soon takes half an hour or more, it is not pleasant if it is then suddenly disappeared without any notice.
Thank you!
Greetings, Sin ”

Is to have the moderator? Prohibited criticism Displays the Salvation Army prefer censorship over freedom of expression? Or is it time for another moderator?

I’m also wondering if this message will disappear from the forum. But perhaps we should behold a miracle in a reaction with “more information” from the moderator.

Greetings, Zonde02
Message from Blacky:

Yes this is not good, I certainly do not agree with what you say and write, not at all, but four-letter words or other abusive texts have not used mi.

So this is the second time that a subject disappears, the first was deleted by the administrator accidentally. This would not be like the Army, this is viz curtailing freedom of expression.

No Army here, you really should think about it, this is not pure.


Message from Keljoy:

Blacky, I totally agree with you, there are no wrong words used, a pity that so get responded to a discussion. I thought we lived in a free country, where you could come. Indeed your own opinion Then certainly reflected on this site where we can just discuss a topic as Paul de Leeuw and the army.
Too bad.
Kind regards, Jolande
Message from Nadenker:

Dear people,
Where is the army afraid of?
It is known that both lesbian and gay people in the organization, even among officers, and then do but hypocritical and the soldiers as a soldier chosen chapter 8 dept 5 pages 50 and 51. These are the regulations that the founder and the General has put together on the basis of the Bible.
Give now have a clear answer why Paul de Leeuw of the forum has been removed. Perhaps the press or news can devote to this subject. Attention once
gr hw
Message from Nadenker:

Best zonde03,
With amazement I’ve also seen that my posts have been deleted.
That’s why I posted a new message can not and should not happen.
The lawyer with whom I am good friends will find out how far the military can and should go.
gr hw
Message from [anonymous]:

Mmm I do not know what happened but it does happen very often. Incidentally (not to defend the moderator for that he should do) it always happens when there appeared again that dredging on the forum and removed.
Moreover, I am very disappointed in the forum administrators as they often do not respond to mail that I send to them with suggestions. I only got 1x a comment. Shame, shame, shame.
I speak incidentally the hope that this forum will get another set because in this way it is nothing and certainly not a nice place to try to start a discussion.
I am available for suggestions.
Message from Blacky:

Is this all worth it now? I also know that you sent but please provide some clarification. So I do not know the Army though.
Tom Wight

Message from Zonde04:

Hi [anonymous]

It is clear that it is not about the accidental deletion of messages here. This option I have kept open the first time, but this is now excluded. First, there was (just like the last time) to a topic that criticizes the Salvation Army, or harmful / can be. There are now three complete threads removed, this is done deliberately, as if deliberately removing now four of my accounts and blocking my internet connection. The moderator will be always on the forum to delete my account (now Zonde04), I assume that he has read the messages and questions, but do not wish to comment.

Dear moderator, this should be a private forum, I will not treat me this way. And again remove the time of the message is not an option, I save them and will post again, possibly on another website where censoring is not possible. Attempts to stop the whole in a cover-up will not work accounts are not. Also remove

Convince me that it was the messages and delete my account and I will stay away. Only logical

When I registered here was me my opinion about the Salvation Army mixed. On the one hand saw (and see) I distributing Bibles ideas as wrong. Especially if this is financed with public money and the money is used to create accessible only to Christians jobs.

On the other hand, I had the idea that the Salvation Army helps people who are struggling.

There are undoubtedly many members who actually sincere aim, the umbrella organization seems to suck as much money as possible to have goal. Not only drag the Salvation Army (now) annually nearly 180 million funding within even the army now several times on her knuckles because of things that indicate fraudulent activity.


The last post of this month, it reads: “Clients were from one day to another no guest residents more, but patients with mental illness and addiction specialist who would need help.”

Apparently the military has no problem to be financially empty to suck both society and her own clients and abuse for self-enrichment.

The current state of affairs in this gives “official forum of the Salvation Army” to me that the foundation can not be trusted. The army has far too much money and power, let it spread its message with its own resources instead of public money. You may need the army (at least the forum management) also reflect how the word of God spread should go without freedom of expression.

Greetings, Zonde04

Posted by Sin at 10:27 Navigation Home
Mismanagement Lelystad
Political game CU and SGP
Salvation Army: Paul de Leeuw
Salvation Army: Fraud
Salvation Army: Grant
Salvation Army: Censorship
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Salvation Army does not live by gifts
Okay okay, it is not copied from the most reliable site (Sp! tsnieuws.nl), but still worth noting. The Salvation Army is in fact more than 90% funded by the government, so your and my belastinggeld.Het short piece, as it is on Sp find tsnieuws:
The Salvation Army is almost entirely funded by the government. In the past 6 years the amount went to government subsidy of 112 million in 2003 to over 220 million in 2008. In contrast were the proceeds from fundraising back. That amount has been fluctuating around 20 million, writes the Financial Times. Most government subsidy goes to care for the homeless.

So at the time that the Christian CDA is in power, has doubled the help for homeless people in 5 years.
And still pay your and my money.
And I (naive) but think that this army was a private institution, initiated and funded by the churches. For Christians who are so committed to the poor, in apparent contradiction to the libertarians.
And then 10% and 90% fundraising grants??
And money to invest?

And they call “one” charity.

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